Love Yourself

"Don't get intimidated if people judge you. They are just people who don't have anything to do with their lives. Remember, no one is allowed to judge you unless they really know the true personality inside you."

Be You

"Don't be afraid of what people may think of you. Remember, people who talk nonsense about you, are insecure of what you have that they don't possess. Live. Love. Die."

A Journey for Life

A smile and a tear.
A frown and a grin.
A pint of fear
Shall make a pin.

Pin of sadness.
Paper of curiousity.
Pen of happiness
Bulids my personality.

Book of dreams and goals.
Pages of experience and emotions.
A touch of depression sold all souls
And life full of conditions.

A journey of long preparations 
And bitter sweet memories. 
A stage full of expectations 
And in our hands full of rosaries. 

Dark red dawn arises 
In times of great challenges. 
A story full of surprises 
Where my imagination ranges. 

Travelling against time 
Through weakness and strength. 
Spending a single dime 
For our determination's length. 

Soaring through lands and seas. 
Flying through clouds and skies 
There are a lot of things we shouldn't miss 
And a thousand hellos and goodbyes.